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The Bodysex Circle: An Experience in
Self-Pleasure, Body Acceptance, & Sisterhood

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL | NOV 10-11, 2023 

Calling all Black Women who want to learn how to tap into more sexual satisfaction, body acceptance, and self-love. You’re invited to step into The Bodysex Circle to release body shame, reconnect with your feminine self, and bond with a new sisterhood.

Does this sound familiar? 

  • I put my partner’s sexual needs ahead of my own, so I rarely feel sexually satisfied.

  • It’s hard to slow down, turn off my brain, and really enjoy sex. I’m either thinking of what I need to do, thinking-wishing-hoping that I have an orgasm too. 

  • I’m single and haven’t dated in ages, so my sex life doesn’t exist…even with myself.

  • I just wish my body looked better.


You are enough!


You don’t need sexier lingerie, a better lover, or a different body!  


All you need is the right education, stimulation, and support to become the expert of your own body… and your own pleasure. Enter Bodysex.


Bodysex® is an educational and transformational method developed over 40 years ago by Betty Dodson, PhD, who was an icon in the field of sex education. She aimed to help women heal body shame and pleasure anxiety while exploring how to have better orgasms. 


You are invited into a sacred circle surrounded by other Black women where participants share their own experiences with pleasure and body image in a compassionate and supportive environment.


The entire workshop is done in the nude, but is not sexual. This life changing and magical work is accomplished through witnessing other bodies, realizing that we all have body image issues, and intentionally choosing to release self-judgment. As a result, we collectively shed layers of embarrassment, guilt, shame, and self-doubt about sexuality.


Bodysex® Core Beliefs:

✨ Sexual pleasure and independent orgasm is a fundamental human right. It is the source of life and creativity.

✨ Masturbation is the foundation of all human sexuality.

✨ The clitoris is a woman’s primary sensory sex organ.

✨ All women can orgasm with the right support, education and stimulation.

✨ Every woman is the expert of her own body.

✨ Self-Pleasure is healing and a part of self-care.



Black women have been groomed to work, to struggle, and to push through life which often leaves you feeling disconnected from your body and your pleasure.


The Black Goddess Collective seeks to bring Bodysex to you as a way to: 

🌸 correct years of miseducation about your sexual anatomy;  

🌸 celebrate your beautiful Black body; and 

🌸 collectively heal trauma and shame around sex. 


Goddess, it’s time to expand your capacity to receive more satisfying sexual pleasure.


We invite you to The Bodysex Circle  to begin your journey of self-exploration, self-pleasure, and self-love. Black Goddess Collective curates Bodysex Circles for Black women because we understand the need to create vulnerable, safe spaces so you can be honest and real about your challenges as a Black woman. This workshop will allow you to feel the sisterhood of unconditional acceptance, compassion, and support. 




What you’ve been NEEDING is finally here! A Self-Pleasure workshop designed to give you the sexual wellness and educational tools to heal and expand your relationship to your sexuality so that you can embody the Feminine Goddess within. 


The Bodysex® Circle is a sacred space that occurs in the nude, but is not sexual. 


You’ll learn what no one ever taught you about your pleasure, and your sexual anatomy, so you can . . .

✨appreciate your body more!

✨increase your pleasure capacity! 

✨more easily access your orgasm (with or without a partner)!

✨learn how to become comfortable with self-pleasure (aka masturbation)!


The Bodysex Circle Curriculum includes:



You’ll learn all about your vulva (ladies, it’s vulva not vagina) and your pleasure anatomy by looking at Betty’s vulva sketches, anatomical drawings, and the internal clitoral structure. 


Women have the most sophisticated sex organ on the planet capable of endless pleasure. All women can orgasm.  The clitoris is evergreen – it never ages – you can have orgasms until the day you die. And the great news is ladies, it's never too late to begin.


We’ll teach you about different types of orgasms and masturbation techniques so you can discover what you like best. Imagine having more confidence about how to please yourself (whether or not you have a partner) AND asking for what you want in the bedroom (if you do have a partner).



Think about how many times you look at your face but not your sex organ.  To fully embrace sexual pleasure, you must understand your basic anatomy, find the parts that bring you to orgasm, and claim your body for your own pleasure.


During Genital Show & Tell, you’ll explore your own vulva, see the diversity of other women’s genitalia and let go of genital shame and replace it with pride. You’ll identify your clitoris, clitoral shaft, inner and outer labia, pelvic floor muscle, urethral sponge (the g-spot), and choose a name for your vulva.  When you view, touch, and name your sex organ, you take ownership of your body.  Pleasure exists for you and those you choose to share it with….period.



Together, we’ll pull back the layers of shame, guilt, misinformation and trauma to reveal your true sexual self.  Through the Bodysex Circle, you’ll authentically share how you feel about your body and your orgasm in a welcoming, non-judgmental space. Being a part of a group of supportive women, sharing struggles and experiences will help you release your own shame.


The Bodysex Circle fosters open and honest discussions that will help you know that you’re not alone in your sexual struggles and gives you practical tools so you can own and enhance your sexual pleasure (i.e.: have more consistent orgasms!) 



Have you ever given yourself a vulva massage? Being connected to your body is a part of good healthThe only way you can be an expert of your own body is by exploring and practicing. Then and only then can you bring yourself to blissful pleasure and ask your partner for what you want sexually. 


Do you know that breath and sound can generate a deep orgasm? Combining the power of your breath and sound can lead to deeply, powerful orgasms.


Have you discovered all the parts of your vulva that feel good? For example, you can experience orgasms just by applying pressure to your outer labia. 


Throughout the Bodysex experience, you’ll learn why masturbation keeps your vulva muscle healthy, boosts your mood, and reduces stress.


During Erotic Recess, you’ll get to apply and practice everything you learned by exploring on your own body, without judgment or expectations. 


Get ready for a powerful, transformational ritual.

So, step into the circle…

We’re committed to helping women reconnect to the truth that sexual pleasure and orgasm is your birthright. 


We hope you’ll step into a Bodysex Circle. You’ll return home appreciating your body, owning your orgasm, and prioritizing your pleasure. 


We want you to absolutely know that: 


You are enough!


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you or your body!


All you need is the right education, stimulation, and support so you become the expert of your own body and your own pleasure.


Get ready for a blissful, full body, earth shattering, BIG Oooooooooo climax!

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