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We've helped HUNDREDS of women

on their path to more pleasure & ease.  Watching their transformations fills our hearts. Hear it from them...


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Rosalind D

This is my second Black Goddess Retreat with Tosh & Regine and I’ll be forever grateful for the tools, the lessons, the affirmations and the long lasting sisterhood I’ve been blessed with.


If you’re needing to recharge and take back what life has zapped from you, The Black Goddess Retreat is for you.


Now that I’m home, I’m confident in knowing I can continue the work I’ve started. Thank you, Tosh & Regine for providing a safe space for me to download and recharge so I can be the best ME!!!


Dr. Perdita F

This was a great trip. Regine and Tosh were great host with great content to help us to go deep within ourselves and let go of stuff that no longer serves us, mental and physical.


The food was fresh and wholesome. Every session was elevated. I learned so many tips to add to my tool belt.


Lodging, Weather, Food, Atmosphere, other attendees were in perfect harmony. Thanks for this opportunity to elevate.


Dorinda L

This retreat was awesome. At first I thought 7 days would be too long, but it wasn't enough.


The service was unparalleled and I felt well cared for -- from everything like sessions to delicious food to fabulous women to prep before the retreat.


Thank you for making our experience spectacular!


Malika B

What a fantastic refreshing retreat!

The rooms and meals were absolutely amazing; I had a great view from my window. And I met some really great women. The entire experience is one I was always remember because of women and the invaluable information we were all given.

UPDATED: I just wanted to thank you both again for an amazing weekend. I learned so much and met some really great women. I appreciate you both and the time to you took to share this information with us; it’s invaluable.


Chandra J

I cannot thank Regine and Tosh enough for this UNBELIEVABLE experience. To say that the Black Goddess retreat far exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. The retreat was absolutely TRANSFORMATIONAL.


Regine and Tosh have the amazing ability to create a sacred space and community in a short period of time that allows for reflection, revelation and rejuvenation all at once. I explored parts of myself that I had suppressed for an extremely long time that were blocking me from healing and moving closer to the life I truly want, need and desire. To be able to unearth these blocks and learn and practice strategies to work through them have increased my peace quotient and made room for true healing. I feel blessed for this experience of release through community, love, tears and laughter.


And to do all of this in a beautiful locale, just steps away from the beach (my absolute happy place), was just the experience I needed for renewal. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to our next adventure together! 


 Iris A

Exceptional!!! Regine and Tosh created a safe space to be real and raw.


This retreat offers a practical and useful manageable tips to apply to life! Bravo to Regine for her leadership, compassion and poise. I gained a community of like-minded women while on this spiritual cleansing retreat in Mexico.  Team building activities were curated with respect and compassion. I am forever grateful to my sister Chandra for choosing me to embarked on this life changing journey.


I highly recommend this retreat for every black woman who is ready to seize full control of their happiness and strives to live a complete and fulfilled life.


Michele C 

I had a wonderful experience in Costa Rica. I truly enjoyed my first retreat. From being able to enjoy the scenic country to the accommodations, every moment of my trip felt like heaven. This definitely won't be my last trip.


Annette A

5 star retreat!!!

Loved their teaching style.

Overall relaxing and calming experience.

Trip was so relaxing.

Great accommodations.


Rayya H

This trip truly was transformative. It was full of beautiful cultural experiences and incredible food!!!


If you are not ready to face yourself, I don’t recommend  retreat. But if you are ready to make some real changes, real progression in your life, go and be open and ready to receive.


Upon returning home, some major changes happened. I feel like I watched myself unzip my old self and step out into the world as new and better version of myself. I’m doing my work so that I can get better and better at this thing called life. Nothing but smiles and warmth in my heart when I look back at this trip.



This was amazing. I am WOKE! Excited to do the work especially during this time. I really enjoyed the retreat and I am going to continue to show myself love and grace. Thank you both for your light, wisdom and love.



I’m Saba from Alberta Canada. I was looking for wellness event, googled Yoga Retreat, and found this retreat, which I’m very glad about.


I got a lot of relaxation, and time to think. Tosh asked tough questions, and  really asked me to reflect in a way I don’t normally do. Challenging but awesome experience!


Karen J

This trip has far exceeded any expectations that I might have even had regarding what I thought might happen. This has been one of the best trips I have ever taken. It has been very exhilarating. It was more spiritual for me than I ever even imagined it would be. I thought I was just coming to do yoga and yet I feel as if I've been transformed exponentially. I was reminded of the power that I have within. I met some wonderful people, the resort is just wonderful. It's beautiful, calming, peaceful, and I would certainly come again. Also love how you all organized, how you're so prepared and engaging and cultivating everything. You've far exceeded my expectations; it's just been a lovely time, and I look forward to coming again. Thank you.



I'm a nonprofit leader rom Baltimore, Maryland. I am ending my great time here in Bali and would definitely recommend this for anybody. I needed this week to think about the next year, think about what I'm stepping into when I get back home and think about my journey and my path for the months to come.


On this trip, I experienced nothing but sisterhood and support for my vision. Plus I got to learn so many different new things, a new culture, connect with new people, and most importantly, connect with myself.


Thank you so much for this opportunity.  I had a blast.


Kristian O

I own and operate a mental health practice for children, where I work with young people that experienced some form of trauma. This retreat was a recharge, a renewal, because I give so much of myself to other people, professionally as well as personally; it was everything just to be able to just relax on the beach, to hear from other women who are also business owners, to have alone time to journal, to hike, to just take in vitamin D to recharge. It was just everything that I needed and I feel ready to get back home and to take my business the next level to take different areas of my life, particularly my physical health, as well as just my interactions with my family and friends, to the next level as a result of Retreat. So I recommend this wholeheartedly to any and everyone, whether you're a business owner or not, they have done a fabulous job in creating a space for women to come together, to learn from one another and to recharge.


Omega J

I'm from Burlington, New Jersey. My experience here at Bali has been a dream of mine for quite some time, but I never could figure out how I would be able to get on a plane for 21 hours to make it across the world to what they call the Garden of Eden. But I mustered up the courage somehow and got on that plane and made it over here, and I couldn't be more just joyful about it. It has left me feeling courageous. It has left me feeling clear. It has left me feeling just so incredibly appreciative for all of the blessings of the people that I came here with, the people that I came across while I was here, and just all the different experiences that I had. I would say my most profound experience was at the temples and going to those springs. And even before the springs, just the energy, and the devotion that the Balinese people have is so amazing. Their spirit is so contagious, and it touched me in ways that were so unexpected but so wonderful. So, this has been such a beautiful experience.

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Dr. Shante H.

I have come to the last day of the Retreat, and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I had the opportunity to think about taking a week away from being a mom, being business owner, and being a professor, it was really a no brainer. I wanted to get some clarity and some focus, and just to really breathe for the first time in a long time. Tosh is an excellent facilitator and great at creating the space for you to be the best person that you were designed to be but often don't get a chance to be because life is so busy and so crazy. Mexico was the perfect place to just really unwind, to really release stress and to plug into who I really want to be, instead of all of the things that I have to be out in the real world. So I want to say thank you for creating this opportunity. I'm going to go back into the year, back to my real life, certainly more clear about what it is that I need to do. The things that I need to change in order to hold on to what we've created here. And I certainly hope to be back next year.


Desi W.

I want to thank you for showing up and taking care of me by providing retreats for professional women of color. I signed up for your retreat because I needed a break from serving my clients. I was at a point where I needed some of what I preach and it was time for some self-care. I chose you and trusted that you would create an experience where I could just show up and just be myself. I live full out so I needed a place that was safe for me to let my hair down. I don’t want to take care of anything or anyone. I just needed to breathe. Well, to my surprise, I walked away with “more” than I bargained for. I made life-long friends; and had a very rich cultural experience. My greatest take away, my greatest break through was JOY. I got ALL OF MY LIFE BACK through laugher. I forgot that I could be so happy and be so free. The momentum from that trip has not stopped as I was truly transformed. I am dating now, my business has exploded, I am taking impeccable care of my body, enjoying friendship and truly living joyfully. Thank you ! Based on your vision and living your purpose, I have been blessed.


Dr. Tanya

I'm an assistant professor at a large university in New Jersey, and I came on retreat to recharge. As an assistant professor, I have papers grade, I have the pressure to publish, and to work with students so always giving my time to different folks. 


And I needed some time to sit back and think about, "Am I working toward the goals that I think that I need to be working toward, both in my professional life and in my personal life?" And in this particular trip, I really wanted to focus on how do I declutter my mind, declutter my physical space, and why do I feel like I even need to do that? Sort of what's behind that.


And so, this trip really made me think about my goals, as well as how I'm going to go back and not go through the same sort of work, work, work mode, and thinking about how am I living a more efficient life, a less cluttered life, a more organized life. And also, time to just relax. I came here with some friends and it gave us some time to connect, as well as to connect with other women who have similar interests and similar goals in life.


I think what was particularly great about this trip is that everything was organized for me. I really appreciated just feeling like everything was taken care of. And we're in Bali, and Bali is just an awesome place to be able to recharge. And I felt like I really was just pampered, and that felt great. So, I think that I'm going back to New Jersey feeling refreshed. There were so many different ways in which we got to relax, whether it be yoga or sound healing, or just hanging out by the pool, amazing food. I ate more on this trip than I thought I would. And so, I think I'm going back to New Jersey full, both in my belly, but also in my heart with new friendships, as well as feeling ready to do things differently.


I look forward to working toward my vision, my vision board goals, the goals that I set and put on my vision board, and to continue to work toward the ideas and goals that I came here wanting to work on. So, I just want to thank you for a great time and I can't wait to connect in the future.

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